The Air Force shot down a UFO: a nightmare of what was discovered under the wreckage

Five days ago, the Indian Air Force shot down an unidentified object that did not resemble any known aircraft – a classic alien saucer. The incident has already been dubbed the “Indian Roswell” by the world media, as something similar happened in the United States in 1948 near the city of Roswell.

It should be noted that there have been many reports and videos posted online lately showing UFO sightings over India. However, amateur photo and video footage, unverified facts, assumptions, and sometimes blatant falsification are one thing, and another thing is when a UFO appears on Indian military radars. It was detected in the Barmer region, bordering Pakistan.

Since the object in the sky did not respond to ground requests, a Indian Air Force fighter jet was sent to intercept it, which ultimately shot it down. The area where the mysterious object fell was immediately cordoned off by police and military personnel. According to the information provided to journalists, specialists found some strange cone-shaped objects at the crash site.

All remnants of the UFO were carefully collected and sent to a military laboratory for analysis. No new information has been reported on the downed alien spacecraft (presumably).