A medical breakthrough: simple dates trigger an irreversible process in the body.

Of course, their scientific research is called something else. Nobody is looking for an elixir; they are looking for a way to prolong youth, delay aging or at least make it lively and beautiful, tvoymalysh writes. According to the latest Israeli data, dates can confidently be added to the category of anti-aging fruits.

It turns out that they are able to slow down the aging processes in the body. According to scientists, it is enough to eat 100 grams of dates per day. These sweet fruits take care of the health of the vessels, provide normal blood supply to all organs and tissues, lower the pH level of the blood, and significantly cleanse the blood vessels. Clean vessels, the absence of atherosclerosis and other serious vascular diseases help to maintain a cheerful spirit and a young body, as well as the youth of systems and organs for a long time, researchers have concluded.

Dates are also good because they can replace other sweets, while not being as harmful to one’s figure, youth and beauty. So, even women who are intensively losing weight can benefit from dates, not during a strict diet but in the intervals between them. This, among other things, will help to maintain weight.