Discovery on Mars confirms scientists’ grim fears: what it is

The finding confirms the theory that there was life on the Red Planet.

Ufologists believe that humans on Mars died due to volcanic lava that covered the planet after it collided with an asteroid. As a result, all living beings turned into statues.

In confirmation of this version, shocking images were published by NASA. They depict a petrified woman, and another smaller statue, possibly a child, next to her.

The remains of Martians were found near the Lomonosov crater, which was formed due to the collision of the planet with an asteroid. As a result of the impact, lava tsunamis were formed, which killed all living things on the planet.

Martians could have turned into statues in the same way that people in ancient Pompeii did. In that case, the Earth was covered with lava from Mount Etna.