Don’t Fall! What the wife of the world’s most handsome Arab looks like

He can rightfully be called a sex symbol of the Arab world. Omar Borkan Al Gala, a poet, photographer, and model from Iraq, is very handsome, and all women in the Middle East sigh for him.

As soon as he appears in front of representatives of the fairer sex, he excites them and makes their hearts beat with an unknown force. Omar’s beauty even embarrassed the authorities of Saudi Arabia. To avoid sin, they decided to expel him from the country, believing that the excess attractiveness of the young Arab adversely affects local girls and women.

However, this scandalous incident only added another dose of popularity to the poet. And he was once again unofficially recognized as the most handsome man. Omar literally bathes in the rays of female love and attention. Not a single day goes by without someone confessing their feelings to him. Of course, this happens on his social media page. Girls swoon with happiness at the opportunity to chat with the eastern handsome man. And some, in the heat of admiration and tender love, even give expensive cars to Omar without revealing their name.

Lyrics are lyrics, but a poet who possesses an incredibly attractive appearance and royal bearing managed to extract considerable benefit from this gift of nature. Every one of his radiant smiles in commercials or on the catwalks cost agencies millions of dollars, which safely replenished the accounts of a lucky and very handsome businessman. Luxurious homes in Dubai, Vancouver, a decent fleet of advanced foreign cars – one cannot list everything that the Arab poet now owns, who usually led a beggarly existence according to Eastern tradition.